Who we are

Rock of Ages has been quarrying and cutting granite in North America since 1885. For more than a century Rock of Ages, along with its sister company Swenson Granite, has remained synonymous with a steadfast commitment to quality and service. It is this commitment, combined with adaptability in the marketplace that Rock of Ages credits for its longevity, growth and prosperity.

Rock of Ages utilizes the most advanced granite cutting technology in conjunction with the irreplaceable beauty of hand-cut craftsmanship. The mixing of these important assets enables Rock of Ages to bring excellent quality along with affordability to the marketplace, whether the item is a monument, columbarium, mausoleum, a high-tech industrial product machined to within thousandths of an inch or a landscape product. The timeless beauty, appreciating value and affordability of Rock of Ages products make them the premier choice for memorials, construction and landscaping.


The tradition of creating a memorial to honor a loved one is as old as humanity itself. It is part of our natural desire to show our love and respect for those who have touched our lives. It is a powerful way to express our feelings in a creative and enduring way.


There are many ways to honor a life well lived.  For centuries, some of the most famous and beautiful legacies have been stone mausoleums. Today, these structures are still powerful tributes to love, respect and achievement.


Rock of Ages has been quarrying and transforming granite in North America since 1885.    We are now in a position to supply all of your curbing projects by combining our expertise and equipment at our Canadian manufacturing facility with the 60 years of curbing experience of our parent company Swenson Granite.


Since 1885 Rock of Ages has deftly combined the creativity of its designers with the unequalled skill of its craftspeople to produce the most magnificent mausoleums and memorials in North America. Rock of Ages draws upon its significant experience when manufacturing your columbarium as well.